How We Do It

How We Do It


Do you have a set of metal patio furniture sitting in your garage that has seen better days?  Did your metal parts get painted the wrong color?  Are you working on a Harley Davidson motorcycle restoration?  Whatever the project is that you are working on, our wonderful strippers at Kalamazoo Stripping and Derusting are here to assist you in any way they can!  Give us a call today or stop by to see how we can help get your project on the right path.


Stripping Process

Have you ever wondered how we do it?  Well, there is no need to wonder anymore!  During our stripping process, we protect the material so that its original elements remain intact.  We enforce a very strict statistical control throughout the entire process.  Of course, the process we use will vary depending upon the type of material we are stripping.  But, we rinse every part so that there is not a speck of residue or dust to contaminate your part or your facility.  Then we will:

·         Apply a water-soluble rust inhibitor.

·         Rust inhibitor protects your product until you are ready for the coating application.

·         If kept dry, this will protect your metal for approximately 30 days.