Paint Removal

Paint Removal

There is nothing that is going to hold firmer to your painted item than the bottom coat of paint.  Although we usually blame the top coat for peeling, in reality it is that bottom layer that has lost its adhesion.  Paint ages and as we add additional layers to the surface, we are actually reducing the paints ability to be adhesive.  So what is the solution?  Removing the paint from your item!  Not sure how to do that safely?  Then bring your precious heirlooms to our paint strippers here at Kalamazoo Stripping and Derusting for a full restoration.  Our paint removal process will ensure the safety of your valuable items.

Why Choose Paint Removal?

The ingredients in paint have varied over the years.  Countries as well as paint producers change their ingredients in consideration of such toxic or forbidden items that have been added frequently to paint in the past.  Such a forbidden and toxic item that has been regularly added is lead.  For these reasons:

·         The US outlawed the addition of lead to paint in 1978, but its discontinuance has varied between countries.

·         If you are unsure how old the paint is OR it is chipping and needs a facelift, it is smart to have the paint removed.

Our paint strippers will get the job done quickly with our quick turnarounds.