What We Do

What We Do


Our team of strippers here at Kalamazoo Stripping and Derusting is here to help with all of your restoration projects.  Whether you are working on a metal restoration, auto restoration or a motorcycle restoration, we are the one stop that you can make in order to fulfill the needs of your project.


We offer you a wide variety of services in order to finish those projects that have consumed your life.  Those services are:

·         Paint Removal

·         Rust Removal

·         Degreasing

·         Metal Stripping

·         Automotive Parts Refurbishment

·         Wheel Reconditioning

·         Engineering Parts Refurbishment

Coating and Metal Stripping

We offer a wide variety of coating and metal stripping for our customers.  We are hands down cost efficient and kind to our environment.  That being said, if you are not 100% satisfied with our services, we will fix it.  Some of the coatings we can remove are:

·         Rust

·         Oxidation

·         Wet Coat

·         Powder Coat

·         Solvent-based coatings

·         Epoxies

·         Tough paint

·         Tar

·         Glue

·         Oil and grease

·         Mineral deposits

·         Pickling and oiling

·         Surface coatings


We Strip Metal

We remove the paint and rust from all types of metals.  Not everyone can say that!  We can also partially strip coatings in order to preserve the underlying finishes.  The metals we strip are:

·         Aluminum

·         Zinc die cast

·         Steel

·         Cast iron

·         Wrought iron


We Remove:

1. e-coat
2. powder coating
3. galvanizing
4. rust
5. flash and scale from welding and/or heat treating

We Don’t….

1. Change or alter metal
2. Remove chrome
3. Clean Copper, brass or Magnesium
4. Distort original designs
5. Change heat treated steel
6. Distort Aluminum