Engineering Parts Refurbishment

Engineering Parts Refurbishment


Whatever the project is that you are working on; we have the engineering part refurbishments that you require.  Whether you are working on restoring a family heirloom or working on an auto restoration, our team here at Kalamazoo Stripping and Derusting is here to assist you in finding the perfect parts for your project.

What is a Refurbishment?

When a distribution of products has been returned to the manufacturer for a variety of reasons, we say that is a refurbishment.  These items have been tested to make sure that they function properly and are free of defects prior to being sold.  There is a difference between refurbished and used parts.  Refurbished items have been tested for defects while a used product has not been.

Types of Engineering Parts Refurbishment

There are so many different types of parts that can be used for engineering purposes.  Depending on the type of project you are putting together, we have the part for you.  Some of those items may be:

·         Aluminum Washers

·         Clamp Rings

·         Copper Washers

·         Cotter Pins

·         Connection Nipples

·         Key Steels

·         Hydraulic Nuts

·         Belt Pulleys

·         Chain Links and Sprockets

·         Shaft Repair Sleeves

·         So many more!

So why not choose an engineering parts refurbishment over new?  These parts have been verified for defects and are usually more cost efficient.  So stop by and see us today.  We have what you need for your current project!