Are you trying to rebuild a greasy, old machine and not having much luck removing the old gunk?  Then trust in our team of technicians at Kalamazoo Stripping and Derusting to remove the old oil, grease and paint so that your machinist can rework your equipment.  After degreasing, we will add a coat of primer to the clean, bare metal in preparation of your painter’s final coat.  This will protect your equipment from the annoyance of flash rusting.

Modern Day Industries

Degreasing has become a very essential part of the modern production process.  This process is widely used to remove oils and oil-borne soils from your equipment.  Some of the industries that we assist are:

·         Aircraft

·         Appliances

·         Automotive and RV

·         Electronics

·         Railroad

We can help remove chips, metal fines and fluxes from many types of objects.  This includes items that have stamped, machined, welded, soldered, molded, die-cast, etc.

Quality Work with Great Turnaround

We can safely, completely and quickly clean your metal using modern degreasing techniques.  Trust our honest and hardworking team of technicians at Kalamazoo Stripping and Derusting to service your metal parts.  From the tiniest, to the very large, we can be of assistance.  Some of the metal parts we can degrease are:

·         Tiny Transistor Parts

·         Printed-Circuit Assemblies

·         Precision Surgical Equipment

·         Diesel Motors

·         Aircraft Components

·         Automotive Parts